Avi Loeb, Harvard's top astronomer The HoliShay Anthology

Shay Michael chats with Harvard astrophysicist, Avi Loeb, on NASA's recent formation of a 16-member panel to examine unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), on his Galileo Project, which searches for extraterrestrial life and evidence of advanced civilization artifacts on Earth and beyond, and on his 2021 New York Times best-selling book, Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth.In the episode, Loeb details his plans and hopes to find evidence of the existence of advanced intelligent life on this Earth and beyond by using a "suite of instruments" to search the cosmos. His revelations into the possibility of life beyond our own planet is fascinating and a must-listen-to episode if you're into the possibility that we're not alone in the universe.You'll hear this and more on The HoliShay Anthology website and wherever you get your podcast!
  1. Avi Loeb, Harvard's top astronomer
  2. David Peisner, author of Steve-O's memoir, A Hard Kick in the Nuts
  3. Govert Schilling, award-winning science author
  4. Steve Kaplan, comedy author
  5. Scott Dikkers, The Onion

The HoliShay Anthology is a personal journey podcast hosted by journalist and comedian, Shay Michael. Shay has worked as a journalist (NFL, DW.com and Arirang TV) in the US, Germany and South Korea for more than a decade and welcomes comedians, athletes, scientists, authors, actors and all people of interest for authentic conversations so guests feel welcomed and listeners entertained.

Shay has interviewed several newsmakers and people of interest including North Korean defector, Park Yeon-Mi, German comedian, Maxi Gstettenbauer, former two-time world champion boxer, Devon Alexander, the founder of The Onion, Scott Dikkers, the voice of Siri, Susan Bennett, and many others.

“HoliShay” stems from the super creative concept of combining the words “Shay” and “Holiday,” which was “soberly” concocted while on an actual holiday. Saying it out loud is fun and catchy and makes for the perfect podcast name. We hope you listen to The HoliShay Anthology and learn a thing or two about people and their personal journeys.

The HoliShay Anthology

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